Sunday, July 9, 2017

Earthquake Sky? - 21:00 Hours Helena Montana, Wednesday July 5

Montana Standard Headline

Did an 'earthquake sky' on Wednesday signal a temblor on the way? Not likely, seismologist says.

The venerable (and accurate) clock tower at the MRL Helena Depot.
Within the last hour a very furious thunderstorm had blown through with 50 mph gusts.

WB coal awaits helpers.
4302 moves over the derail as a crewman gets out to throw a switch.

The amazing 30 foot legged photographer.

Getting across Roberts St.

After all that excitement I need a beer from the Town Pump, Helena's best quickie mart (unpaid plug.)
Not to be construed in any way as support for Rex Tillerson.

St. Helena Cathedral, finished in 1914 , survived the big 1935 quake, and will survive the 5.8 quake a little over two hours later.

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