Monday, October 24, 2016

Doe We Cross, Or Don't We?

Taken through my windshield at Austin, Montana, part of this group of does and yearlings had crossed both the railroad, and Austin Road before being interrupted by another car. 
Notch Ear appeared to be the leader.

A tangle with a barbed wire fence perhaps? In any case, hunting season just started, so more danger lies ahead.

Friday, October 21, 2016

National Ave. Smoke Show

Smoke Shadow

Eastbounds into Helena have a bit of an uphill climb out of Helena West, and the result is often a pretty good smoke show until they throttle back after crossing Montana Ave.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

General Electric, Boeing, and Caterpillar (In order of net income.)

Three industrial giants on the Kansas City-Spokane

Tuesday's Kansas City-Spokane train gets out of Helena in order of net income (see below.)

Meeting the Pasco-Laurel at Austin. The Pasco had four Canadian units, more on this train in a future post.

GE 15.2 billion net income.
Boeing 5.7 billion.
Caterpillar 2.1 billion.

(Source: Forbes)

Friday, October 14, 2016

BNSF Adds Oil Train Buffer Cars for MRL Helpers

WB oil loads crossover at Helena West

When I saw this in the yard, I just figured it was two trains put together.

Train gets underway at Helena Jct. after meeting the EB and WB Q-trains.

Up the Tobin Sag

Now it all makes sense. Wonder if this was BNSF's idea, or if the FRA made them do this.

And two rear DPUs to boot.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Such Atmosphere!

MAC Daddy on the Point

After being stored, BNSF's  SD70MACs are seen again on the MRL, usually on coal trains, but nearly always trailing. Yesterday gave me the perfect motivation to follow a coal train up the hill, and catch some of the beautiful fall color on Mullan Pass after a snow.

A few days ago, trailing again.

Trailing on a vehicle train, but encouragingly in brand new H3 paint.

BNSF 8837 W.  PGEX loads, crewed up, waiting for its helper to get out to Helena Jct. before departing.

Sounded pretty damn good with two EMDs in the consist.

The Tobin sag.

Cloud ceiling below the ridge of the Elkhorns.

Peekaboo up Seven Mile Creek, Hogback Mountain in the Big Belts in the background.

The catbird seat.