Thursday, June 29, 2017

Butte U.S.A. - Part 1

Berkeley Pit, Tuesday from the overlook, admission $2.00. Little did I know that the same day in Washington D.C. Montana Senator John Tester was grilling EPA Administrator  Scott Pruitt on possible budget cuts for Superfund sites:

Water has the acidity of cola or lemon juice.
For information on the cleanup go here:

Puts me in mind of Georgia O'Keefe

Old warehouse near the former GN yard.

National Biscuit Company Was Here

The Great Northern Depot

Probably take another half mil to refurbish it.

My first attempt at a shot of the engine facility.
The SD70Macs were out of town when I first checked earlier in the afternoon, but had returned by around 6 p.m., so assumed they had made a turn to Garrison.

It was an active weather day with heavy thundershowers.

Part 2 - The Mining Museum and Deer Lodge

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