Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fullerton Junction Way Back Machine

There are four locations where I have done the most train watching in my life, Pomona, California, Corvallis, Oregon, Vancouver, Washington, and Fullerton, California. I think the time spent at each location would just about all equal out. When at Fullerton, I could spend the entire time at the depot, but often a walk was very much in order, west, sometimes all the way to Basta, or east down to the junction with the Fourth District. Here are some photos taken on an afternoon circa 1991 before a whole heck of a lot of change to the Fullerton Area.

The curved turnout for the Fourth District, a study in trackwork elegance.
A southbound Diegan heels around the curve after its Fullerton station stop.
That Kodachrome shadow detail problem.
On the Fourth, the UP Anaheim Branch on the right. I think there was still at least one OJ plant on the branch then.
A Fullerton based local backing to the Junction.
Fruit Growers mechanicals and Cleburne Geeps.
Whatever possessed the Cleburne Shop forces to ruin the elegant curved roofs of these Geeps?

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