Monday, November 7, 2016

That Last Glorious Month of Daylight Savings Time - Low Light and Indian Summer in Montana

Pasco - Laurel and the last light of the day crossing National Ave.

Dogs, a more patient species at grade crossings.

The Greenbrier chip fleet, probably Longview cars.

At least 46 years old.

See what I mean (well, she was patient too.)

EB coal empty waits at Austin for an approaching grain train, because he won't clear both grade crossings...

...then gets a roll on as the grainer shows.

Three weeks later, all the leaves are gone.

"MRL detector, three-zero total axles."
A helper set, plus an unmanned picked up at Elliston.

An H1 DPU hustles a corn train back east, maybe all the way to "Eye-Way."

Just referred to as the 1407 on the radio.

EB vehicle train under a Chinook Arch cloud formation.

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