Friday, September 9, 2016

MRL 109 - Helena Switch - To Montana City

Helena Switch arrives at Montana City with empties for the Ashgrove Cement plant.

Built in 1955 for the NP, and still doing the kind of work the GP-9 was intended.

A good view south down the Prickly Pear Creek valley. End of track is visible about 200 yards past the loco.

Backing into the plant which is served by a Trackmobile.

Plant spot done, it's time to pick up the loads, but that will have to wait for another post.

Google Maps view of the area:


  1. That's a great series of photos, an MRL modellers dream. Thanks very much. Now I am going to need more cement hoppers, haha

  2. Some really nice shots of the MRL 109 switching the cement plant. Have been to see this plant several times, but never was lucky to see it being switched. Thanks!

  3. Thanks, Roy. Glad you enjoyed the photos.


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