Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Blast From The 20th Century

Looking down on East Portland from the Broadway Bridge in the mid 90s.

From right to left; the Steel Bridge is in its usual half raised position to permit street and Max traffic to cross the river, but give more clearance to river traffic with the rail portion of the span raised.  The ship is at Louis Dreyfus Grain taking on wheat after making the nearly day-long trip up the Columbia. To the left of the ship is a barge transloading to the terminal which brought the grain down the Columbia from Eastern Oregon/Washington.

UP is just beginning to absorb the Rio Grande diesel fleet, and note the all-door boxcar.

The Thunderbird Motel is on the bluff. It was torn down in 2002. I stayed there once in 1986, a lovely view of the roofs of trains. On a very clear day from this vantage you can see Mt. Jefferson to the right of the spires of the Oregon Convention Center. On the far upper right is the Memorial Coliseum, former home of the Portland Trail Blazers.

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