Saturday, March 19, 2016

Helena In the "Dead" of Winter - Part 2

Some of the interments at Helena's Benton Ave. Cemetery date back to 1870, and so predate the arrival of the Northern Pacific.

It's still Winter in the Elkhorns, WB grainer gets underway at Tobin.

A WB grainer gets underway at Helena Jct. in near whiteout conditions. Ten minutes later the Sun came out.

Always nice to find some foreground, Tobin, EB grain empty.

A nice big storm stacking up on the west slope of the Big Belts.

City of Helena on the job on Roberts St.

Man made glacier, or where snow goes to die, eventually.

Another low-visibility day, but not mattering to the terrestrially bound 737 fuselages.

The Sleeping Giant, aka Beartooth Mountain. To the right of the pinnacles (the Giant's nose,) is the Gates of the Mountains on the Missouri River.

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