Sunday, February 21, 2016

Trains of the Future - Part 2 - Habit Trails for Humanity - Or, Men Make Like Moles

This second post deals with man's impulse to cram himself in tubes, and propel them through tight tunnels.

This circa 1960 illustration shows the vertical integration principle again, but is also obviously influenced by the Space Race with what look like horizontal passenger ICBMs.

More rockets in tubes, but with the addition of a people mover system, a suspended monorail, and a elevated rail line.

A Soviet jet powered underground train. Were they planning on having on-board Oxygen?

Really glad they worked out the details on this one so well!

Monorail Fahrtorpedo
Another fantastic Shigeru Komatsuzaki illustration of an undersea tunnel monorail with conventional rail below.

The Tubes Don't Have to be Undergr
Our friend Mr. Komatsuzaki again, with the ultimate form of ring toss.

Those Soviets again, better watch your keys and other small metal objects.

Despite the fact we are in Earth orbit here, notice the conventional tracks.
Looks like Kato N-Scale running on Code 100 rail!

A space rail gun. Sign me up!
Shigeru again, with a cable suspended monorail to the moon.

Fitting to end this post with Jules Verne, and sort of like a Coco-Puffs train in space.

For an earlier post on the subway as sardine tin, go here.

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