Wednesday, December 2, 2015

San Pedro Harbor Analog

It always fascinates me to run across a geographic location that reminds so much of a different location on this big globe. I was looking up information on the Trans-Caspian Railway, and found the photo below of the former Caspian Sea terminus of Port Uzun-Ada. It struck me immediately that the location bears a distinct resemblance to San Pedro, California. More on the Caspian Region in a future post, enjoy these old views of San Pedro.

Port Uzun-Ada on the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea.

Very early days in San Pedro, probably the 1880s.
Deadman's Island is clearly visible in these three views.

The P.E. has arrived. The SP Pier is in the middle distance.

Notice the dredge in the upper left. The transformation of the harbor has been a continuous process.
In a later view, Deadman's Island is gone, and the area has been filled.

The track on the left led up to Fort MacArthur.

The SP Slip, and Deadman's Island is still intact in this view.

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