Sunday, October 18, 2015

Helena September 2015 - Part 2 - Motive Power/Operations

Helena is a great place for lenticular clouds.

Let's just call it "the unit train." Bakken oil referred as such on the radio.

Big power setout by a WB. Note the bright silver trucks of a new 3900, and is that an Eagle or Hawk flying out of the picture?

The extra power may have been for a military move out of Ft. Harrison.

Setting out the last four units, a nice comparison of three GE radiator styles.

382 is still hanging in there, saw it here yesterday.

Is this shade of green even on the Pantone charts?

Another big power move as a set is added on to an EB.

EB manifest arrives from Missoula, but their work is not done, they will pick up cement loads from Montana City.

Cement cars on the right.

A conventional cab SD60! The last "real locomotive."

An ML arrives.

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