Monday, August 17, 2015

MRL Private Car Move - Part 1, Arrival

All afternoon last Saturday I kept hearing the DS talking to the 332 East. He kept asking the train where they wanted to meet a couple of other eastbounds, and where they wanted to spend some time to do what they wanted to do, etc. I figured this must be a work train, but when I set up over on National Ave. in Helena, it quickly became apparent that this was a very short train, and could it be a passenger move? Yes!

West Helena crossovers, and man that's a short train!

A dome! No doubt about it.

Geese from the ponds at Bill Roberts Golf Course head out.

Heavyweights, quite a sight.

Next crew will be on duty in about 20 minutes.
(Tomorrow - Departure and trains under the red orb)

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