Friday, August 28, 2015

20 x 645 + 16 x 710 = 24,260 Cubic Inches of Switcher

MRL 382 and 4308 have been the 840 local power for about a month now. The Helena Switch uses this power for the heavy moving in Helena Yard.  As you can see in the last photo, some of the big cuts take the power all the way down to National Avenue, bocking three grade crossings at once. The City of Helena wants an overpass at Montana Avenue, and to close National and Roberts Street crossings.


  1. What does the 840 local do on a daily basis?

  2. Well, I have yet to follow it. It gets out of Helena early a.m. and goes east, probably as far as Three Forks, and it might go to Whitehall, although I think that may be another local. Most of the traffic is mineral covered hopper stuff. They get back to town in the early afternoon.


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