Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Grainer Stalls on Winston Hill

Mullan Pass helper duties, are subject to change.  I was headed up the pass for an afternoon of shooting, and made my usual swing by Helena Yard to see if any westbounds were waiting to get out of town. There were two, and a helper set was just getting ready to head west to Helena Jct. for an assist. Then  the dispatcher came over the radio with news that the helper was needed to assist a stalled grain train east of Winston.  This resulted in one of the westbounds saying "what about us?" I never did hear the answer, but resolved to head east and witness this little spectacle for myself.

All streched out on wet rail on the east side of Winston Hill.

Under gathering clouds, the Elkhorns on the right, and the Missouri River on the left.

Just waiting, and its beginning to rain.
Help on the way.

There is a DPU down there somewhere.

The temptation of digital zoom. This was shot at 1160 mm, 35mm equivalent, and hand held.

Comin' round the bend into Winston.

Gotta love the cutout whistle post.

And just a few miles away at Lousiville, the sun is shining on the big reverse curve.

The Spokane Buttes in the background are a Sapphire bearing formation.

The little diversion is just about done. The grainer will sit in Helena till around sunset, when it will get out of town in glorious backlight.

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