Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Stormy Weather - Part 1

A quiet May evening at Beattie Park in Helena?

A look east down Railroad Ave.

Patrons gather to Hap's Bar.

A Grainer arrives from the East, and the clouds are building.

Ready to depart west.

Into this

Heavy lightning is striking around Mt. Helena as the storm moves closer to the depot.

It's getting dark as the storm moves directly overhead.

Departure. Notice the flag, and the bouncing rain and hail. Lightning had just struck very close, with no delay between the flash and the peal.

And yes, I took this photo from inside the car.

Photographed at a whopping 1/10 of  a second!

This May has seen some very active thunderstorm activity in the Helena, Montana area, big afternoon storms being a almost daily occurrence.

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