Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Spring Walking Tour of Helena Jct., Montana

Budding Cottonwoods give a fall like appearance at Helena Jct, but it's the first sign of Spring.
Time for a "nature walk."  Need a mascot. I will call him Alan.

Looking north with the old Great Northern line to Great Falls curving off to the right.

Last stop for electrons, as if there were any. This is the southernmost pole of the GN pole line. Several were recently removed.

The north switch of the wye, cottonwoods, and Green Meadow Country Club.

No waybills in the boxes, just old wasp nests.

Passengers on the Great Northern to Helena may have greeted this scene as Mt. Helena hove into view.

The only cantilever signal bridge in the Helena area. The Mullan Pass helpers occupy the track on the right before cutting in to their train.

Looking east, back towards town.

The golf cart crossing.

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